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February 2017

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – The Next Step

In our journey, it has become apparent, there will always be critics who cannot let go of their negativity.  This has been a test for us; what they see as ridiculous, is our reality.

The next step in our journey is the forgiveness of these individuals.  Not everyone lives the same lifestyle; while some are trapped in the negative, we are pursuing the goodness of positivity.  Forgiving others opinions is the next step in finding true happiness.

Some people only seem to be happy when others are struggling and this to me is very sad.  Misery loves company is not what our lives are about.  If our lives, being focused on finding the good causes others misery, then I feel very sorry for those people

Good Vibes are meant to be able to live a peaceful life, and to share that peace with others.  Many struggle with misery and are content with being in that black cloud.  We as a family, are striving for so much more than the struggle; we are on an adventure to find the good in people.

The next step for us is to share our journey with others and to see where it takes us.  Documenting our journey daily will start in the next couple of weeks as we open our hearts to strangers, family, friends, and co-workers; who we meet in the future and who we have known in the past.

This next step will be life changing and we are sharing it with you with Good Vibes Only!




The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Turn The Page

Sometimes in life, we get into a deep-rooted rut!  There is no need to let this stage get to us.  Embrace this time in your life, knowing better days are coming.

When you find yourself struggling, learn as much as you can from what is keeping you stagnant.  There are lessons in this place you are in; learn as much as you can and take the necessary steps to push pass the fog.

I’m a firm believer in, “things happen for a reason”.  At times, you may wonder, “Why??” but the answer is there for you to learn.

Turn the page with Good Vibes knowing you’re coming out of the rut with Wisdom.

A positive approach with this time in your life, will help you see clearly what you need to do to make your life better.

Be a gift to yourself; move forward with Good Vibes and a Loving Heart!


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – A Loss in Life

It is inevitable, we will all experience loss in life.  Death is the end result of our journey here on Earth.

When we strive for happiness in life, knowing loss is going to happen one day, can be very hard to accept.  It could be in death or it could be in losing a friend to an argument.  We need to enjoy each day and each other; set aside all our differences.

I know people who have held 30 year grudges and all I can do is feel sorry for them.  People can change and not be who they were 30 years ago; you could be missing out on something so very special in the person you once hated.

What a shame to live your life carrying around such a burden – learn to forgive.  One day that person will be gone and you will live your life missing out on something great.

Good Vibes should be sent to these people you once thought were undeserving of your friendship; maybe that’s exactly what they were needing to help them become a better person.

You could be saving a Life!

Good Vibes have a stronger impact than you think – don’t lose something that could be so very special.

Good Vibes Only and even the most difficult relationships can become something you will cherish for the rest of your life.


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Finding Happiness

Finding happiness is following your heart!  All those things which you find interesting and make you smile will bring you happiness.  Making a career out of these passions in your life will bring warmth to your heart.  Interests that keep you awake at night, with just the thought of pursuing them is a sign; don’t ignore them.  This is your Soul telling you just what you should be doing with your life.

I’ve experienced sleepless nights with these thoughts; I tried fighting them off for many years.  I let myself have the freedom to harness each thought which gave me the comfort to feel what it is like to have complete Joy in what I really wanted to do.

Sharing your talents or gifts with others is important in life; this will give you the success you are out to achieve, while encouraging others along the way.

Life isn’t about what you “should” be doing based on tradition;  Life is about what you “should” be doing based on your Soul.

Your Soul speaks to you; the key is to listen.

Let your Soul speak, let your mind listen and then your heart will find true happiness!



The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Where Is The Love!

Where is the Love – the Love is the foundation for Every Single Day!

Just to name a few:

Love Yourself First

Love Your Family

Love Your Friends

Love Your Pets

Love Your Environment

Love Being Alive

Love Your Experiences

Love Your Food

Love Your Passions

Love, Love, Love and Love Some More!

Find the Love in everything you do, this will help you to be grateful for your life and then the Good Vibes will flow!  We need a huge wave of Good Vibes – Let’s help each other and share the Love!


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow -Things Happen When Your Soul Is Ready!

When your soul is ready to receive, then it will happen!  Letting Go is key – Let Go of all expectations in life; this will allow your soul to be ready to accept all the good in life.

Since we have had things in motion with what “we” as a family are longing for, this has allowed our hearts and soul to be open to receive what we need to move forward.  Everything that has been happening in our lives has been giving us the knowledge and strength to move forward.

More options to enhance our ability to share with others; Good Vibes is the Result!

We are receiving more and more information daily, in one way or another,  all to do with what we are most passionate about in our lives.  What makes us happy is being targeted and we are forever grateful.  Whether we are reading social media posts, watching television, or reading a magazine, we can be guaranteed something will cross our paths that only helps us to move forward knowing we are doing the right thing in life.

We refer to these as signs – signs we are doing the right thing in focusing our existence on Good Vibes Only.

Stay true to what you are passionate about, let go of all the misguided information that you should do this or do that, and harness your truth; free your soul to be ready to accept the best feeling you could ever feel – total energy of Good Vibes Only!

Love and Peace


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – A New Chapter

In order to make change, it is healthy to close a chapter and start a new one.  It could be anything from diet, to relationships, or even to what my family is doing – focusing on Good Vibes Only.

Since we started this new chapter, we have had challenges; it is as if the universe saw exactly what we were trying to accomplish and sent us a truck load to deal with.  A test to make sure we were deserving of our goal.  We are greeting these issues with our heart, soul, and positivity.  Nothing is going to break us!  Good Vibes is all we will need!

This new chapter in our lives is so very important; not just to be happy but to also control stress.  Stress is the enemy and we know just how it can harm someone’s mind, body, and soul.  We love ourselves enough to stand up to stress and “FLIP IT THE GOOD VIBES ONLY FINGER!”

Love yourself, share Good Vibes Only and enjoy the new chapter in your own lives!

Peace and Love

Good Vibes Only


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – All You Have To Do Is Smile

I remember many years ago, my Dad telling me, “All You Have To Do Is Smile.”  He would also tell me that when I smiled, it made other smile as well.  I’ve carried that with me for a very long time.  In fact, this was the last thing he said to me 10 years ago just before he passed away.

I’m sharing this simple quote with you all, in a time where the entire World needs to be uplifted.

“All You Have To Do Is Smile!”

Good Vibes Only


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Dance

When I find myself having a moment of question, I put some of my favorite music on and dance!

We all deal with times of emotional struggle and at times we have a hard time talking ourselves out of our moods, but instead of going over and over in your mind on how to change your mood, just start dancing!

Movement helps the mind and body to escape stress.

Good Vibes increase when you escape into Dance – something about letting everything go!

Good Vibes Only!


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