Finding happiness is following your heart!  All those things which you find interesting and make you smile will bring you happiness.  Making a career out of these passions in your life will bring warmth to your heart.  Interests that keep you awake at night, with just the thought of pursuing them is a sign; don’t ignore them.  This is your Soul telling you just what you should be doing with your life.

I’ve experienced sleepless nights with these thoughts; I tried fighting them off for many years.  I let myself have the freedom to harness each thought which gave me the comfort to feel what it is like to have complete Joy in what I really wanted to do.

Sharing your talents or gifts with others is important in life; this will give you the success you are out to achieve, while encouraging others along the way.

Life isn’t about what you “should” be doing based on tradition;  Life is about what you “should” be doing based on your Soul.

Your Soul speaks to you; the key is to listen.

Let your Soul speak, let your mind listen and then your heart will find true happiness!