There are only so many words that can express to someone what they should be without telling them what to do – Be A Star!

I found, over the years, the constant response to trying to help someone by suggesting what they should do was a negative one.  Let’s face it, no one wants to be told what to do in their lives, but if you show encouragement by telling them that no matter what they would like to do in their lives, as long as they shine like a Star then you leave them with a positive.

Be A Star and let the World see your light!  Be bright and positive, have a twinkle in your eye that draws people in too your World, and let your Star guide you and others to a positive place in your life and theirs.

Follow your own path and see just what it is that makes you happy!  If you let it, your own Star will guide you and all you will see is the positive light that will help you to live a beautiful life.

Be A Star My Friends – Be A Star!

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