The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Midlife Crisis (Not Just A Man Thing!)

When we think of a “Midlife Crisis”, the first thing we think of is a man trying to recapture his youth.  The truth is, a Midlife Crisis is not just a man thing!  I like to look outside of the box when it comes to stereotyping.

A Midlife Crisis is all about – Reinvention!

I will not deny the fact, at times, when individuals (both men and women) are going through this time in their lives, some may take it to the extreme and dive into areas which could hurt their family.  The way I look at this, is they panicked!  A Midlife Crisis can bring on anxiety, stress, and depression, and in trying to fix this feeling, they figure the only way they are going to feel better is to find someone who will do that for them.  They don’t know any better and have not stopped before acting to decide really what they need to fix this confusing feeling they are experiencing.

This is not just with men, but with women as well.

A Midlife Crisis, can be the perfect opportunity to dive into reinventing ourselves, to better ourselves in the next phase of our lives.

No panic is needed 😉

Working on our image, whether it is a new hair style, fitness, a different style of clothing, new diet, new home, listen to new music, new adventures, and in fact, anything “new”, is all that is probably needed to help make us feel better in this time in our lives.  Not necessarily a new relationship, which is what most think they need to find fulfillment.

Like I say, it can be a very confusing time in one’s life, but to be honest, everyone will experience some form of Midlife Crisis at some point in their lives, but if we learn to “take a breath” before acting on what we “think” we need to do, it could not only be saving relationships, but could also be saving sanity.

When you find yourself in a midlife crisis, please do not panic!  Just take a moment to acknowledge the fact you are starting a new chapter in your life as a human being and that you are not alone.  Take a moment to sit down, write out a “passion/bucket” list and have a great laugh!  You are here!  A Midlife Crisis is upon you and it will be a gift if you let it be.  Do the hobbies, activities, and even start traveling if you can, find the enjoyment that only you can bring to yourself.  Enjoy this change!

With Good Vibes Only Enjoy Your Midlife Crisis And Enjoy Your Reinvention!

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