The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – When You Feel Like They Are Embarrassed To Be Seen With You In Public

I know some of you do not know what it is like to feel as if you are an embarrassment to be seen with in public, especially by the person you are with at the time. The reality is that some of us do know what it is like to feel this way.

I’d like to honor those of you who have felt this way; this feeling you are having has absolutely nothing to do with you. In fact, it has everything to do with the person who is making you feel this way. They are the ones with the issues!

When all you want to do is be taken out, even if it is to go grocery shopping, or for a walk, or anywhere in public, and it is like pulling teeth to get this significant other to do this with you, and they find every reason not too, they would rather go to their friends home (without you), they occupy their time with things “they” enjoy, rather than things you could do together, then it is time to look in the mirror and set eyes on the truly most important person in your world – YOU!

This person in your life, will figure it out one day, when you have forgotten about why you even wanted to be seen with them in the first place!

Their behavior is abusive and that is the last thing you need in your life. Right?

Or has their behavior been like this just recently? Has their behavior been since something drastic happened in their lives? Or have they been battling their own insecurities? Can you take a moment to see what may be happening in their own brain? Do you have the compassion to see if it is them? Surprise! It isn’t about you!

Sometimes, it is easy to point the finger at a person when we are feeling hurt by them, when they have changed in the slightest, and when they have their own inner demons causing them havoc. The truth is, by making you feel like you are not worthy of their time, is just them not knowing how to deal with what is making themselves feel different than they normally do.

There could be many reasons for this; I’ve come up with just a few:


The obvious – Pandemic! Or how I refer to it as, yet another MIDLIFE CRISIS!

Weight gain that won’t go away? Has your significant other gained weight? Has their body image changed? (wrinkles? Not looking like the Rock or Popeye anymore? Maybe the grey hair is starting to show through).

Death in the Family?

Death of a pet?

Death of a friend?

Turning 50 or nearing the big half a century mark? How dare we get older?

This list is endless and will continue to grow as long as people stay in this mindset! Guess what? They don’t have to stay in this mindset, as long as they want to free themselves of the burden they are carrying.

Do you have it in you to stick by their side, even though their mindset about their problems have made you feel badly about yourself? Can you forgive them for not knowing any better? Can you forgive their ego?

The only thing this topic has to do with you is this:

Do you love yourself enough to know you are beautiful inside and out?

Do you love yourself enough to know you are a better person for showing compassion?

Do you love yourself enough to know that this too will pass?

Do you love yourself enough to know just how important you are?

Do you love yourself enough to know that regardless what people say or do, it is just their own insecurities?

Do you love yourself enough to move on knowing you did all that you could do?

Life is about choice, about living a “no regret” life, and being a good person. It’s pretty simple!

Regardless of your decision (only you know the extreme of your circumstance), know that you are worthy of the best in life! You are worthy of respect! You are worthy of true love! You are worthy of loyalty! You are worthy to be put first before their friends! You are worthy to be treated with dignity and grace!

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – When You Feel Like They Are Embarrassed To Be Seen With You In Public

Photo Credit: Luis Galvez