The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – I Saw The Light

When I was growing up, I remember when someone made a great choice in life, my Mom used to always say, “They Saw The Light!” Meaning, they got it, they were on the right track, and they were moving in the right direction. Moving forward in a positive way in life.

We all have moments, where we feel we are stumbling around in the dark, not knowing what to do, which way to turn, who to reach out too, needing someone to show us the way, feeling stuck, and just frustrated and confused. I like to believe, we learn the best lessons during this time in our lives. We learn to turn the light on!

We have more control in our lives than we think, especially when it comes to going through difficult times. It is our panic and frustration that like to keep us in the dark. The key is to just keep breathing through it all. Remain calm and before you know it, the panic and anxiety will leave. Before you know it, that light will start shimmering, start twinkling and there it is, and nice bright light. That is when you will take the best breath in and the best breath out! Your shoulders will relax back to where they are suppose to be, instead of up by our ears, your eyes will not look like daggers, and the vice grip around your head, will no longer be there.

I love looking forward to seeing the light in different situations. The minute a challenging issue appears, I stop and think to myself, “I can’t wait to see what I’m going to learn now!” Just changing my mindset about a difficult situation, has taught me to relax more. No anxiety!

Give it a try! You may just see the light!

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – I Saw The Light!

Photo Credit: Rhett Wesley

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Lilies And Moonbeams

Lilies & Moonbeams was an idea that came to life in the Summer of 2019 in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

This company, is without a doubt, one of the most creative and most accommodating in their industry of making Mala beads. You can tell, when this jewelry is made, it is clearly made with loving energy.

Malas can be used in any way that brings peace and comfort. Whether you meditate with them or by simply wearing them.

Lilies & Moonbeams currently only ship within Canada. 

We are sharing this information about this company, with loving kindness. We will be showcasing this company on our website.

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Lilies & Moonbeams

Photo Credit: Kia Burke

Artwork: Fawn Suzanna

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Nothing But A Good Time!

Why is it so hard for some people to believe that you can have nothing but a good time in your life? They say this concept is not reasonable, or by thinking this way, a person may have “their head in the clouds!” I on the other hand, believe that it is worth a shot and our lives are worth it to wake up thinking, that no matter what we do today, we are going to have nothing but a good time at it!

I suppose, when you wake up and the first thought is, “I’m going to have nothing but a good time today”, don’t you think you are setting the intention for a fun day? Wouldn’t it be something, that because of this intention, you smiled all day long? I believe your life is worth giving it a try and just see what happens!

You may even have the urge to dance around the house and even sing as if not one person was watching!

When I look back on my life, I remember being conditioned to think that life is not a party, it is about hard work! So there!! I was left to think, that’s all I needed to do was work hard at a career I had no interest in, and no matter what cost it brought to my life, I had to suck it up and push forward! Talk about life sucking! Then a light bulb came on and that was it! From now on, it was all going to be about what could bring me happiness, what could make me smile and what I was passionate about in my life.

I remember some of the looks on the faces when I actually stood up for who I was and what I wanted to do with my life; total shock and disgust! How dare I do something that could actually make me happy first over making others rich. Yes! I put me first!

What a concept! This also gave me the gift of having no regrets; I am living my life based on me and who I am. You will be amazed at the gifts you will receive in your life, by following what is in your heart.

Your life is worth putting the effort into following what makes you happy! Your life is worth waking up and looking forward to having nothing but a good time!

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Nothing But A Good Time!

Photo Credit: Ramille Soares

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – There Are A Million Reasons

Every single day, there are so many reasons to be uninspired, depressed, and crabby. Yet, there are a million reasons to be happy! I’ve seen and known so many people, who just can’t allow themselves to be happy; they enjoy living in the world that thrives on envy, jealousy, gossip, back-stabbing, and just a complete negative existence. Exhausting!!

I look forward to waking up each day, I look forward to smiling, I look forward too seeing the beauty in the smallest thing, and I look forward to seeing my family. I look forward to the color of the sky, the squirrels running all over our backyard, the groundhogs peeking out from their hiding spot, and the joy this entertainment in our backyard brings to my daughters face.

I look forward to looking at old pictures, listening to old music, watching old movies, and reading stories and articles from many years ago. I look forward to writing, I look forward to blogging, I look forward to writing music, and I look forward to all the creativity that floats around in my brain all day long.

I look forward to cooking a healthy meal, I look forward to reading old recipes that were passed down from my Mom, I look forward to doing dishes with my daughter, and I look forward to creating a great dessert for afterwards with a nice cup of coffee.

I know after reading all of that, you get the idea. Here is the thing, I didn’t even leave the house in order to find my reasons to be happy. Our happiness starts with us, starts in our home, starts with our lifestyle, and starts with how we love ourselves.

Remember, there are a million reasons to be happy!

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – There Are A Million Reasons!

Photo credit: Brigitte Tohm

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – When You Feel Like They Are Embarrassed To Be Seen With You In Public

I know some of you do not know what it is like to feel as if you are an embarrassment to be seen with in public, especially by the person you are with at the time. The reality is that some of us do know what it is like to feel this way.

I’d like to honor those of you who have felt this way; this feeling you are having has absolutely nothing to do with you. In fact, it has everything to do with the person who is making you feel this way. They are the ones with the issues!

When all you want to do is be taken out, even if it is to go grocery shopping, or for a walk, or anywhere in public, and it is like pulling teeth to get this significant other to do this with you, and they find every reason not too, they would rather go to their friends home (without you), they occupy their time with things “they” enjoy, rather than things you could do together, then it is time to look in the mirror and set eyes on the truly most important person in your world – YOU!

This person in your life, will figure it out one day, when you have forgotten about why you even wanted to be seen with them in the first place!

Their behavior is abusive and that is the last thing you need in your life. Right?

Or has their behavior been like this just recently? Has their behavior been since something drastic happened in their lives? Or have they been battling their own insecurities? Can you take a moment to see what may be happening in their own brain? Do you have the compassion to see if it is them? Surprise! It isn’t about you!

Sometimes, it is easy to point the finger at a person when we are feeling hurt by them, when they have changed in the slightest, and when they have their own inner demons causing them havoc. The truth is, by making you feel like you are not worthy of their time, is just them not knowing how to deal with what is making themselves feel different than they normally do.

There could be many reasons for this; I’ve come up with just a few:


The obvious – Pandemic! Or how I refer to it as, yet another MIDLIFE CRISIS!

Weight gain that won’t go away? Has your significant other gained weight? Has their body image changed? (wrinkles? Not looking like the Rock or Popeye anymore? Maybe the grey hair is starting to show through).

Death in the Family?

Death of a pet?

Death of a friend?

Turning 50 or nearing the big half a century mark? How dare we get older?

This list is endless and will continue to grow as long as people stay in this mindset! Guess what? They don’t have to stay in this mindset, as long as they want to free themselves of the burden they are carrying.

Do you have it in you to stick by their side, even though their mindset about their problems have made you feel badly about yourself? Can you forgive them for not knowing any better? Can you forgive their ego?

The only thing this topic has to do with you is this:

Do you love yourself enough to know you are beautiful inside and out?

Do you love yourself enough to know you are a better person for showing compassion?

Do you love yourself enough to know that this too will pass?

Do you love yourself enough to know just how important you are?

Do you love yourself enough to know that regardless what people say or do, it is just their own insecurities?

Do you love yourself enough to move on knowing you did all that you could do?

Life is about choice, about living a “no regret” life, and being a good person. It’s pretty simple!

Regardless of your decision (only you know the extreme of your circumstance), know that you are worthy of the best in life! You are worthy of respect! You are worthy of true love! You are worthy of loyalty! You are worthy to be put first before their friends! You are worthy to be treated with dignity and grace!

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – When You Feel Like They Are Embarrassed To Be Seen With You In Public

Photo Credit: Luis Galvez