The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Spirit

For some reason, every time I either turn on the television, listen to the radio, or read an article, the word “spirit” pops up.

For example, the other night we were watching one of the many talent shows on television, and the judge told the singer, “Your spirit, is what makes me love you!”  When we show our “spirit” in what we love in life – we shine!

It doesn’t matter what we look like on the outside or how we sound, as long as we show “spirit” in our passions in life, you will be the most beautiful person and you will feel it in your mind, body, and soul!

When we tap into our spirit, not only will we be doing what we are “meant” to be doing, but we will bring on such happiness and joy – nothing will stop you succeed.  Succeeding in life, to most, means financially.  However, this post is about succeeding in your heart; you cannot put a dollar figure on that feeling as it is priceless.

Tap into your spirit and what brings you happiness, and go for it with Good Vibes Only!


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – The Happiness Jar

The Happiness Jar is the greatest project I can think of to teach our children, grandchildren, co-workers, friends, and family!

What a great and creative way to start the day!  You don’t need to start this jar on January 1st, you can make any day the start of a new beginning for the Happiness Jar!  Wake Up and show gratitude towards yourself and write a happy note for your future self to read!

What a great concept!  We tend to forget the smallest thing that can bring us happiness, but when we look back after a year of saving up these notes to ourselves, and read what we did not take for granted is such a gift!

I feel schools should be teaching the children and especially teenagers, just how such a simple project can change your entire way of thinking.  Imagine a World with not one bit of bullying?  Time for change!  The Time is Now!  I can’t think of a better project to incorporate into our school programs that could help save lives by teaching the kids to enjoy a positive mindset!

I believe our children, no matter what age they are, deserve the chance to learn just how easy it is to have happy thoughts and to possibly change a cycle that their own families didn’t have the tools to change.

I believe in possibilities, I believe in looking outside the box, and I believe in our youth.  They need the support to make positive changes in this World and it all starts with a little jar, a piece of paper and a pen/pencil.

Good Vibes!!


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – The Next 50 Years

In 2018, I turned 50 years old!  YIKES!!

Seriously, it was extremely liberating in such a positive way!  I did not take anything for granted; I made it to 50!  In reflecting on the big 50, I decided that the next 50 years would be truly amazing and those years will be filled with nothing but gratitude, joy, love, peace, compassion, and sharing it with everyone I know and will meet in the future.

I call it, “An Awakening To The Next Half Of My Life!”  During this awakening, I came out of it with a drive so strong, I can’t imagine anything or anyone stopping it!  I should say, “good luck trying to stop it!”  LOL!!

Our plans for the future have stemmed from this awakening; from daily inspiration, to the ultimate goal of going on the 2024 North American Tour where we will be traveling North America sharing stories and listening to stories from people who need to be heard.

We will be creating the 2nd book in The Good Vibes Only Roadshow series, sharing stories from the people we meet.  We are so very excited and we look forward to sharing our stories with you.

Thank you so much for following this adventure – Good Vibes!!cropped-images-3.jpg


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Updates!!

We would like to take a moment to thank you all for following The Good Vibes Only Roadshow!  It means the World to Us!

Our site will be all updated by this weekend, January 19 – 20th, 2019; you will be able to catch up on what has been going on, catch up on our plans, and get involved in our Vision for the future.

We are so very excited to be able to bring The Good Vibes Only Roadshow to you!

Feel free to comment and share our posts; we appreciate all the support in our journey!

Good Vibes to You ALL!!


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Following a Dream


Life is a Dream!  My family and I are currently planning for a very important dream of ours – taking The Good Vibes Only Roadshow on a Tour in 2024.  I know it seems like 2024 is still far away, but to be honest, we are going to enjoy every single day in this planning stage to bring to you a unique, eclectic, fun, peaceful, loving, tour filled with nothing but Good Vibes.

We are going to be putting together a list of locations which we would love to visit; we would be interested in hearing from you!  Please feel free to comment with the location you would like to see us visit.

This will be a very unique tour; we are planning absolutely everything.  We would like to make stops at bookstores, vintage markets, and different venues.  We are open to receiving any suggestions you may have.

It’s all about sharing Good Vibes and having fun!