The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – We Are Making History! We Are All In This Together!

Facebook asks me every morning, “What’s on my mind?”
Then it hit me like a Mack Truck!
The World has finally all come together as ONE and are working as a Team with nothing but care and compassion in their Hearts
The enemy in this case is invisible and we NEED each other to fight it off!  In my eyes, this is World War III and we are not fighting each other.
We truly are ONE!
The thought that we are doing this brought tears to my eyes.  The thought of what it took to bring us all together, made me cry even more, but the reality of it is that we were not fighting each other to get us to this point.
It is possible to live in Peace, to actually love each other enough (as we are doing now) to be kind to everyone, and it is possible to live a life where we do not cause pain to another human being or animal!
We are living the proof right now, that we can continue doing so!  Life is precious!
With Good Vibes Only – We Are Making History!  We Are All In This Together!

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Miss Layla Is In The House!

Every now and then, we get the complete honor of looking after Miss Layla!  This cute little dog, who has now become part of our family, along with her Mommy, Joy!  I’m referred to as Auntie Jackie, my husband is referred to as Big Daddy and our daughter is now Layla’s cousin…LOL!  I love the total creative fun Miss Layla has brought to our family.

Although, we get to fur babysit, every two months or so, we still get to see her every day, as she lives in the building we manage!  There is a Gift to everything in life, and this is just one of them.

We have 3 days with Miss Layla in the House!  Since our Husky Wiley passed away, November 2017, there has been that void in our home and in our hearts, but Life has placed Layla in our World and it is what has been needed to help heal our hearts.

We, as a family, can’t tell you how grateful we are for this opportunity!  Today is also my husbands birthday and looking after Miss Layla is such a gift!

If you find yourself mourning the loss of a family pet; there are options for you as well.  Volunteer to spend your time at your local SPCA and give your love to other animals; the energy you will feel from these fur babies will fill the void in your heart.  If you have a friend or family member who have animals, offer to spend time with their pets as well; after all, these beautiful animals are family too💖

We are looking forward to creating some memories with Miss Layla the next 3 days; I know we will cherish them for a very long time.  Gratitude All The Way!

With Good Vibes Only – Miss Layla Is In The House! 💖


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – The Comfort in a Dream

November 2017, we had to say goodbye to our loyal companion; our Husky Wiley.  Wiley passed away due to a blood disorder which came on quite quickly.  Broke our hearts, as he was more than a pet.

Over time, our hearts have healed, although we miss him daily.  One thing Wiley would do, was when our daughter was sick, he would immediately start cuddling her.  It was a sense Wiley had, along with most pets, they are in tune to their families emotions.

The other day, my daughter woke up and told me she had a dream about Wiley.  He had come to her in her dream and started cuddling her as he used to do.  The unique coincidence was that, our daughter woke up with the cold/flu that had been going around.  In Wiley’s passing, he is still bringing comfort.

For us, this dream is confirmation that Wiley is still with us in Spirit; this is comfort to our family, knowing this could be a possibility.  He sent comfort to our daughter when she was needing it the most.

I can’t say that this dream did not bring on more tears in missing Wiley, but they were also tears of happiness for his comforting visit in our daughters dream.

A Gift our daughter had been wanting from Wiley for a very long time!

I wanted to share this story with you, as we know how hard it is to lose a pet; may this post bring you comfort knowing that any pet you may have lost, will still be with you in Spirit.