The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Sometimes We Just Need A “Me” Day!

Have you ever said to yourself, “boy, I could sure use a day to myself!”

I think we have all been there; life gets overwhelming and busy.  We find ourselves torn between so many people and things we don’t know where to turn.  We have obligations, bills, and loads of pressure.

Give yourself the gift of a Me Day.  Even if you find taking a full day to yourself doesn’t work with your schedule, make sure you “make an appointment” with yourself each day for at least one hour.  We make appointments every day with everyone else, why not do it for yourself.

In the hour you schedule for yourself, make sure you are doing something that has everything to do with you.  Whether you enjoy sports, cooking, reading, writing, shopping, or just doing absolutely nothing – just do it!  Take time for you and have a Me Day or a Me Moment and wrap yourself up in it!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

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The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Past Lives

When I think of “past lives”, I look at it in a different perspective than most people do.

Past Lives could refer to the life we lived in the Past (years ago) or Past Lives could refer to just that, an altogether previous lifetime.

In my life, there have been times when I’ve met someone, looked at a stranger, remembered being somewhere, thinking I heard a conversation before when actually it was the first time, and even looking at a picture of a place and thinking to myself, “I’ve been there before”.

The thought then comes across my mind, “well here we are together again!”  or my most recent expression, “okay, let’s do this thing!”

I’ve stopped questioning the feeling behind why this is happening to me in my life, instead when it does happen I’ve taken on a different perspective.  These people, places, and things are back in my life for a reason and no matter what I am going to make this experience a positive one.

I have learned not to question just who these people were in my lifetimes, instead I accept them.

We all have feelings of comfort with certain individuals we meet, could this be a sign they were in our previous lives?

So many questions, but the great thing I’ve learned is whether or not these feelings of comfort I get from these people, places, and things are related to a past life, I look at it in my life now that I’ve gained a sense of comfort and I will not question as to why.

Past lives is a topic that has many questions and potential answers, but in the meantime, we will all experience the feelings of “don’t I know you from somewhere?” Enjoy the comfort this feeling brings rather than trying to question it.

Good Vibes Only

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The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Crazy Thing Called Love

LOVE!  Can be a scary word for some, but for others that’s what life is all about – Love!

To be honest, there is nothing to be afraid about when you think about Loving someone.  Loving someone does not mean you are necessarily “in love” with them from a romantic perspective, but by loving them means you care about them as a person and their well-being.

It is quite okay for a person to tell another that they “love” them.  Love brings comfort, a sense of caring, respect, joy, happiness, and all the other positive feelings there is to experience.

I remember being in high school, and also in my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s but for some reason, it was not such a great thing to say, “I love you” to your boyfriend or girlfriend too soon…taboo!!  A woman was meant to believe that if she said, “I love you” to her boyfriend then it would scare them off!!  If the man said, “I love you” too soon, it meant he wanted nothing but sex.  I laugh at that notion!!  How the ego can get in the way of someone simply being heartfelt in expressing how much they care for someone as a person or human.

I would like to think, if the World could change their way of thinking with respect to Love and how much more love we do need, it would be a better place to live.  You’ve heard of Love not War!  Well guess what?  That is true!

Life is Love!

Good Vibes Only

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The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Inspire Others to Follow Their Dreams

The one thing I’ve learned in life is the importance of “Inspiration”.  To feel inspired is such a great gift; to share inspiration with another is showing hope and faith in what is important to them.

Quite often when we have a dream of what we would like to accomplish in our lives, we have a bit of fear as to whether or not we could actually become successful in what it is that truly makes us happy.  We have a dream, but to have the inspiration from someone who encourages you to follow your “true” calling, is the fuel we need to feel confident about our dreams.

We could be feeling scared or nervous to take the steps to follow our dreams; dreams are there for a reason, our dreams show us our true calling.

I would love to encourage all of you to move forward towards your dreams, even if it is one small step a day.  By doing this, you will have the quality of life your dreams will bring to you.

Focus on your dreams, focus on the happiness your dreams bring you, focus on how your life would change if you followed your dreams, and fill your heart up with the warmth of your dreams.

Our dreams keep us happy, keep us who we were meant to be, and keep us real!

Good Vibes Only

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The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Feel The Breeze

Feel The Breeze!  I have to share with you just how important feeling a nice breeze is in your life.

The other day, I had the opportunity to go to one of our new friends home; they happen to live in a home that overlooks the lake.  The lake was drawing my attention; I then walked over to the corner of the deck and just stared out at the water.  This was such a great view, but what really made me comfortable was the breeze I was feeling all over my face and my body.

I did not want to leave this spot; I needed to take it all in!  It literally took me away to a place of contentment.

Feeling a nice breeze is refreshing, it helps your mind escape to a place of solitude, and it cleanses the mind, body and soul.

Good Vibes Only

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The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Laugh Out Loud

Laugh Out Loud!  There is nothing more fun to listen to than someone having a great laugh!  Therapeutic to say the least!  Laughing is contagious, not only does it make you smile but it makes your heart feel so much more happier!

When I managed an Administrative Assistant Team, we decided before our day started, we would have a good laugh!  We would find something that was funny to start our day with; this set the tone for our day!  We worked better as a Team, we found the good in everything, and it brought us closer as women.  We could laugh at the small things and share our Joy in everything that crossed our paths – together.

I referred to this as Laughology 101!  Every morning we knew we were going to start our day this way; it was a great thing to look forward too.

Laugh Out Loud!  Let the World hear your laugh and the happiness that it brings.  Pay attention to little babies or children who start giggling or even the person that laughs because they are tired.  This is contagious and should be shared – more laughter is needed; it takes your stress away.

Good Vibes Only!


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Escape Into Music

My Absolute Favorite Thing To Do!!!  Escape Into Music!

When I’m feeling the possibility of the little creature coming from around the corner we call STRESS, I put on some of my favorite music and sing along!  To be honest, I sound like a cat having a stroke when I sing, but I don’t care!  The happiness it brings me to try and belt out a song, makes me so happy that I forget what could be coming my way.

In fact, it helps put a different “lighter” perspective in my mind, so that when that little creature we call Stress “attempts” to ruin my day, it doesn’t stand a chance!

When you think about it, Music is the best invention ever made!  When there was no lights, power, gas, running water, or any of the things we take for granted today, there was still people singing and making music even if it was on a wash board – it brought Joy and Happiness to them.

I will forever be grateful for music – it changes lives, relationships, and in fact it can change the World!

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The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Keep Going

Keep on Trucking, Keep Plugging Away, Keep Moving Forward are all terms we have heard in our lives.  The truth is,  it is all correct – Keep Going!

When we stop after something happens in our lives to make us question life, a situation, a person, etc., this puts us in a stagnant place.  You must look at all these challenges and Keep Going!

This all happens for a reason; we gain strength and wisdom from these challenges.  It makes us a better person.

When you get caught up in one of these struggles, just remind yourself to keep going for you; you deserve your own attention and your own perseverance.  Give yourself this gift, as you never know the goodness that could be waiting for you as you Keep Going!

Good Vibes Only!


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Praying for British Columbia

My heart is so sad for the province of British Columbia; I grew up and lived in many areas of BC and I just pray for a miracle at this time 💔 In 2003, my family and I were evacuated during the wild fires in Kelowna and I know all too well the fear and anxiety these families are experiencing now. I’m sending prayers to everyone affected and I also pray for the animals having to run from this horrible disaster. Wish I could be there to help💔19961334_10155433764075353_6020482089424778882_n

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